Some Changes Afoot!

As change is inevitable I figured it was time to change bloggery formats. Therefore I’m now moving to

My focus will remain the same thoughts from on and off the saddle of a bicycle. Most of my bicycling revolves around day rides here in the land of Hollywood, SoCal bike overnight camping and once in a while and far less often full blown bike tours. Generally, I stick to photography to tell my story, you know a picture is worth a thousand words and such. I won’t get much into technical posts as there are plenty of other bloggers that are far better than I that will do that.

With that said my most recent bikey change is to my ’03 Rivendell Atlantis.


Currently, I’m running Nitto Albatross bars with 12cm Nitto Tallux stem  and 9 speed bar end shifters. The Changes in the works are to add comfort and drop some weight. So the 12cm stem will be replaced with a 10cm Nitto Dirt drop to bring the handlebars up and back slightly. Instead of the bar end shifters I’ll be going with paul thumbies, simply moving the shifters in front of the new Ergon grips. And the weight savings will come from switching tires from the current Schwalbe Big Ben’s to Schwalbe Thunder Burt’s saving a whopping two pounds of rotational weight!

All the new parts are on order and will soon be trickling in, giving me time to make the switch and get some S24o’s in before the big Summer trip.

Thanks for looking and keep the rubber side down.


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