Thunder hoofs!

Well the Schwalbe Thunder Burts arrived Wednesday from Germany after clearing customs. After work that night I mounted them and made sure they were seated properly. I inflated them to about 50 psi then reduced them to 40 psi, they have an inflation range between 30-55 psi. These were like the Big Ben’s super easy to mount. Just for fun and geekiness I calipered them. Mounted on DT Swiss XR430 rims with an outside diameter of 23mm they were 47.5mm at the above 40 psi.

Thursday I took them for a shake down ride over mixed terrain, asphalt and sandy loose trail, my usual. My initial impressions, sure footed on dirt where the BB’s left me easing up on a loose dirt turn the TB’s seemed to dig in inspiring confidence. On pavement they were quick rolling dare I say fast, yeah they were fast and easy to get rolling since they weigh half as much as the BB’s.  I listened to hear if they made much noise, but since they have a nearly slick center crown they were silent.

Thunder Burt Shake down-1

Thunder Burt Shake down II-1

So I’ve lightened up my stout Atlantis and figure I have the rubber for my big Summer tour in the PNW.

Still waiting on some parts to roll in before I can redo my cockpit. Thanks for looking and keep the rubber side down.


9 thoughts on “Thunder hoofs!

      1. Cool! Though my big worry is that it’s coming from overseas. On paper it might be cheaper, but if you get the jerky Customs Officer that decides to slap $50 in duties on it, not so much.


      2. I think they have it worked out. Their not going to say pay us $50 more or were sending them back. Honestly Shawn I’ve been ordering from overseas for awhile now always less expensive and never a problem.

        On Fri, May 8, 2015, 1:20 PM velocipedemusings wrote:



      3. True that it mostly works out. But I used to work with shipping stuff overseas, and there can be the one time where it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t, it stings. (Sending anything via UPS to Canada is horrible.)


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