Thursday Coffee Outside.

Because I drink my coffee indoors so often I decided to combine my two favorite things, bicycles & coffee. So that’s what I did, not the hump day Wednesday nor the end of a work week Friday but boring old Thursday. My ride began in La Crescenta and took me through Pasadena. I  had a specific place in mind, The La Casita Del Arroyo among the grand oak trees.

Coffee Making Kit

I’ve been slowly building my coffee making kit. Since I like to bike tour and do s24o’s (sub-24 hour bike camping trips) my primary goal was to have a kit that was fairly compact first and light weight second. For me the Snow Peak outdoor gear hit the mark! Snow Peak Trek 1400 aluminum 1.4 Liter Cookset, Giga Power Stove, Helix Coffee dripper and a Porlex Stainless Steel Grinder. I splurged on the double walled titanium 600 (20 oz) mug and titanium spork.

Happy Grounds & collapsible bowl.

I like beans as freshly roasted as I can get, so today I brewed up a cup of LA Bicycle Coffee Co, Dark Guatemala roast from the 23rd and ground it coarse.


Maybe this is weird but lately I take long whiffs of the steaming coffee grounds as they steep.


While on tour this Summer I carried a tin mug,  while my friend Ryan and I were brewing up our morning coffee he was using a large mug and  it was during those moments I wished I had a large mug. As cool as the tin coffee mugs are I value the ability to brew a large volume of coffee.

A. Homer
West Colorado Bridge through the Arroyo Oak

There’s this challenge that’s been going on for about four years in a row now called a Coffeeneuring Challenge run by Mary of chasingmailboxes now in is fifth year. It seems I’ve been gently nudged by this leisure consultant down Texas way. All four of my followers may know him by his barbed wire handle, Pondero. So let the challenge begin! Seems like a great way to get out on the bike.

Thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Coffee Outside.

  1. The Coffeeneuring Challenge starts this weekend…and so does my trip to Maryland. So my first “control” will this year will be where it all started. Then, on Tuesday (if the hurricane allows) we’ll start our C&O tour.


  2. Thanks for the coffee story. Great outdoors! We drank our coffee while reading your post this morning. Here we are in the Hudson Valley on our 58th wedding anniversary trip. Lots of trees, rain, traffic, and some quaint villages. Went to FDR’s home at Hyde Park and visited the Culinary Institute of America nearby. XOXO Dad & Mom.


  3. Hugh: That’s a great way to take the “boring” out of Thursday. I’ll have to look up that park. Thanks for the coffee kit info; I need a new mug.



    1. Erl, soon. I’ve been busy of late, working a bunch and trying to figure out this blog layout stuff more recently. It was an epic trip and I’ll post something soon. Thanks for asking. ~Hugh


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