Coffee with the Ants a Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride.

There are so many hip people doing this Coffeeneuring Challenge,  I just want to be in the hip crowd!

Steeping goodness.

On my first ride I chose to keep it local and a short ride was my preference. I rode up Big Tujunga Canyon looking for some shade and maybe a tincture of water. My ride took me through the wash, a boulder strewn area with a slightly undulating climb.  Passing a small waterfall where the water has cut a narrow passage through the steep enduring rock the climb begins in earnest.  In short order I enter the Angeles National Forest and made a short descent into Stone Canyon where  I found my first Coffeeneuring spot. In total the ride round trip was 12.5 miles with 1300′ elevation. I chose to ride my A. Homer Hilsen as it was easy to load and fun to ride especially with the Grand Bois Hetres. I’ll mix it up from week to week with a different bike depending on the terrain.

In the shade
Found my shade & water.

As I was setting up my coffee kit I was over run by these industrious ants literally everywhere! Sort of made sitting down and relaxing not so relaxing but in the end even these little guys couldn’t ruin an outside coffee experience.

I did another brew of LA Bicycle Coffee Co’s Guatemalan Dark Roast. I’ve been favoring a dark roast lately, especially in the morning with a medium roast later in the day…with water boiled and just as I was beginning my pour over two dogs and a fellow outdoor enthusiast descended from the mountain above. The dogs appeared first from the scree field and splashed into the stream! Happy dogs indeed. The dogs companion Elliott and I had  a wonderful chat and was accommodating and snapped this image of proof. Elliott among other things runs Reedley Street Farm in Panorama City a great endeavor in the urban wilds…locally grown food. I’ll need to follow up on his operation.

A. Homer Hilsen
A. Homer Hilsen above Stone Canyon & Tujunga River/Wash.

Here’s my Strava route info:


My first Coffeeneuring outing was a success I met a great person with coffee outdoors! A win win if ever.

Thanks for reading and as always keep the rubber side down.

Tail Winds,


4 thoughts on “Coffee with the Ants a Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride.

  1. Ah, yes; ants. They flock to water, & with our drought seem esp. concentrated in wet areas. Hopefully they don’t develop a taste for coffee. A caffeinated ant – what a thought!


  2. That would be great. I’m home for a couple of days then off north again, back probably early the week of 12th. Maybe 16th? I read the rules & as a retiree any day qualifies!


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