A Los Angeles River Camp Coffee Experience.

I rarely make these as I work a late shift and unlike you normals out there that get up at 6 am for me it’s a undertaking, I like my 8 hours sleep.  In this case as always it was well worth it! I get to reconnect with friends and meet new people.

Not within the rules of the coffeneuring challenge because this is a weekday but any excuse to throw a leg over my bike and brew coffee is motivation enough.

The gathering.
The gathering.

One of my favorite aspects of LARCC are the great bikes. This is Bruce and his Boulder Bicycle “Rene Herse” steed. A magnificent bike.

Boulder Bicycle iteration.
Boulder Bicycle iteration.
Crank Close up
Rene Herse
Crank close up
Crank close up

I love the coffee paraphernalia folks bring, like this thermos.

Tartan Thermos
Tartan Thermos

I decided to bring my newest old bike along, the 1984 Trek 660. This bike I acquired from Chris Johnson aka Pondero from Sanger, Texas. It’s been hanging in the rafters of my garage for years. I’ve flip flopped on whether to build this bike up as I’d moved away from race bike geometry and gone with a more relaxed (upright) style of riding. My Brother sold me a Campagnolo Veloce Group set with Fulcrum wheel set I couldn’t refuse so I recently had the fantastic bike shop Golden Saddle Cyclery in Silver Lake build it up.

New old ride
New old ride

After a few tweaks around the saddle position, this bike rocks! I’ve taken it out all this week and I love the ride. Looking forward to this hot weekend when I set out on a s24o into the San Gabriel’s and brew my second coffeeneuring challenge on top of a mountain.

And a big thank you to Errin Vasquez for starting this whole caper.

As always thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down.


2 thoughts on “A Los Angeles River Camp Coffee Experience.

    1. Doug, I think this would be a really hard one for Jim to make. Cross town and mid-week. There’s one closer to Jim on the West side on the Ballona Creek (MUP) bike trail. If you want to do this one of these days it’ll be an early start from your home. Just saying. I’d love to have you come along. In November?


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