A Rambling I Shall Go a Coffeenuring Challenge Ride

To Ramble:
To move aimlessly from place to place,  to explore idly to wander over :  roam.
I’ll try not to write in a desultory or long winded wandering fashion, no promises though this was and probably still is a ramble.
My last weekend was a wash and let’s just say I was in no condition mentally or physically to roam by bicycle (or any other mode for that matter) for a brew spot or cup O’ joe.
With a week off I hadn’t put much thought or planning into my 3rd Coffeeneuring Challenge ride/adventure but as life is want to do, the die was cast at least with respect to the direction I would be headed. Since my 1995 Miata was making a annoying squeal I made arrangements to take it into the local garage to my East and off I rode from La Crescenta toward Pasadena.
Since I had no idea where I’d brew up my cup of coffee I maintained a rambling pace, it helped that I chose to ride my ’03 Rivendell Atlantis built up for comfort.  I applied the “George Costanza” principle or the opposite George principal and pointed Ol’ Willy down Foothill traffic through La Canada/ Flintridge this route I generally avoid which has high auto traffic.  I found myself at Oak Grove Disc Golf Course, home of the nation’s first disc golf course. Oak Grove is sandwiched between JPL* to the North, La Canada High School directly to the West and the Hahamonga Watershed to the East.
The Grind.
The Grind.

I chose a picnic bench between two hole’s (actually basket is the proper lingo) with the proper amount of shade and a safe distance from the fairway and errant throws.

Ground Coarse.
Ground Coarse.
The process began post haste and with a slight breeze my boil took a bit longer, I made a mental note to procure a wind screen for the future. I did my usual pour over method with Trystero’s Lot 49 Guatemaula/Rwanda/Java.
Serious Business
Serious Business

An interesting thing happened. I have always added milk or half & half  (or powdered milk when doing coffee outside) to my coffee but this time I chose to drink it black. It was in line with doing something I wouldn’t normally do and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the flavors! I wouldn’t categorize myself as a coffee enthusiast just yet more of an advanced novice but I’m enjoying the journey.

Fruits of my labor.
Fruits of my labor.

The disc golf action picked up adding to the coffee outside ambiance/experience.

Tee off!
Tee off!

Keeping the ramble going and packed I continued over the Devil’s Gate Reservoir and slipped down into Pasadena making a stop at Jones Coffee Roasters off Raymond St which has been on my list for a while now. I picked up a lb of their Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1 a low acid roast.


Continuing to roam, I headed in a southern direction down to Heirloom Bakery & Cafe in South Pasadena and since I had no sense of time I missed the 11:30 am breakfast cut off! So no eggs, bacon and home fries. Instead I settled for a Broccoli, cheese & bacon quiche with a dark roast cup of coffee black!

Manly Quiche.
Manly Quiche.

I think one of the best aspects of the Coffeeneuring Challenge along with getting out on your bike are the amazing experiences that unfold for you. Case in point, I met a trio of wonderful soul’s Cindy, Danny and his wife Gloria while at Heirloom. The intro happened with a compliment of ol’ Willy which segued into a robust and inspired conversation.

Cindy, Danny & Gloria.
Cindy, Danny & Gloria.

The roaming had to end, I made the climb back to my auto and beelined it home to help the Mrs. with household choires.


Strava route is here

Stats: For A Rambling Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride 3:

  • Distance ridden: 25 miles.
  • Elevation  1516′
  • Temp range: 86ºF to 76ºF
  • My bike ridden: ’03 Rivendell Atlantis (Aka Ol’ Willy)
  • Coffee: Trystero’s Lot 49 Guatemaula/Rwanda/Java. (ground coarse)
  • Coffee Method: Pour Over.
  • Coffee Equipment: Snow Peak Giga Power Stove (auto), Trek 1400 Cookpot, Titanium 600/ 20 oz Dbl walled mug, Helix Coffee Dripper with Melita #2 Natural filters and Porlex Stainless Steel hand grinder (Japan).
  • Date: Friday October 23rd 2015.

You can check out my other pictures not posted here on my Flickr account to the side bar.

As Always thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down.

And I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “A Rambling I Shall Go a Coffeenuring Challenge Ride

  1. That sounds like time well spent. I grew up just over the hill in Glendale & spend a lot of time riding around Flintridge area. While I don’t play disc golf, a couple of my riding buds do so I’ll alert them in case they don’t know about that course. Photos add a lot the your ride report.


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