Strickly a Skinny Tire Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride.

Well I got Coffeeneuring Ride #4  under my belt! For the last two weekends I’ve wanted to knock off two on each of my weekend days but as life is want to do, it conspired to allow for only one per week. As seems usual, at least in my life I’ll have to squeeze rides five through seven towards the end of the challenge and bring up the rear! Someone’s got to do it! It might as well be me.

On this ride I choose to ride the new to me 1984 Trek 660. I picked up this frame from another Coffeeneur and blogger some of you may be familiar with Pondero it just so happens he has a new build of his own check it out. Anyways, the frame hung out in the rafters of my garage for some two years. I acquired a Campy Veloce 10 speed group from my Brother with a set of Fulcrum Wheels,  some other miscellaneous parts and Golden Saddle Cyclery built it up. I’ve been riding it all week and working out saddle height which I nailed!

Me & 660
Me & 660


I met old friend Randy who I used to ride with a few years ago when I rode strictly road bikes, so this was the perfect opportunity to reconnect.  We met at the Sunland post office and I was pleasantly surprised to meet a new friend Eddie. The three of us rode out to the Hansen Dam Recreation  area up and over the Dam and through Burbank with a stop at the San Marcos Coffee Roasters which I’ve always passed but never stopped in for a cuppa. Since someone else was making me a drink I choose to splurge and ordered a cappuccino. Man it was tasty!

San Marco Coffee Roasting
San Marco Coffee Roasting
Me, Randy & Eddie
Me, Randy & Eddie

We three did a little climbing up to Kenneth Road, Eddie peeled off at Sonora and Randy and I climbed back up Verdugo Road through Glendale and into La Crescenta. We made it back home to Sunland and off our bikes before 11am this was a good thing as the projected high was for 88ºf.

Looking forward to knocking out my last three rides. Stay tuned!

As always thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down

Strava route is here

Stats: Strickly a Skinny Tire Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride #4:

  • Distance ridden: 34 miles.
  • Elevation  1749′
  • Temp range: Warm
  • My bike ridden: 1984 Trek 660
  • Coffee: San Marcos Coffee Roasters (Cappuccino)
  • Date: Saturday October 31th 2015. Halloween!! My all time favorite holiday.
  • You can check out my other pictures not posted here on my Flickr account to the side bar.

And I’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Strickly a Skinny Tire Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride.

  1. Love that Trek, Hugh! That’s quite the coffeeneuring ride; it was much longer (and with a higher elevation change) than mine today — our cafe was so close we had to ride past it a few blocks just to make the required 2-mile minimum!


    1. Thanks Bob I’m in love with it. Resting in my garage it beckons to me to go out on a swift road ride. And regarding your too close coffee shop, you got out on your bike and had coffee. Bravo! I’ll be doing a shorty soon too.


  2. The bike looks great, and reminds me of one of my rides on it down in south Texas. I was really feeling it that day. Even better to see you out enjoying good times with friends. Well done.


  3. Hugh, you look “out of uniform” for riding a skinny tire racing bike! Seriously, it’s a great looking ride. Bikes look so good without all the gear we strap onto them. Hope to see this one in person one day.


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