Make That A Double Coffeeneuring Weekend.

Even though Los Angeles has many downsides, too many people, horrible car traffic, smog, expensive and scorching heat waves! This weekend was the end of  the Summer heat! Yes it’s November and typically by mid October we have a cooling trend but the heat extended all through October with 100ºf days. This weekend saw the mercury in the mid 70’s and frankly tis the season/reason so many people make SoCal their home. It was perfect riding weather.

Friday, my Saturday I slept in which felt really good. A leisurely morning, I made coffee indoors to kick start my day and jumped on my Trek 660 for a short ride over to Montrose a bucolic village straddling the cities of North Glendale and La Crescenta. I made my stop at Berolina Bakery for something sweet and was pleasantly surprised they served Jones Coffee. I took my usual route home and was pleased I’d knocked off another ride.

Here’s the route

Berolina Bakery
Berolina Bakery
Something sweet.
Something sweet.

For Saturday I’d made plans to ride with my buddy Randy from my last weekend ride.  Randy wanted to stretch out the ride and shoot for around 45 miles and I signed up but with a request for a coffee stop don’t you know… I really didn’t know what to expect from my body as I haven’t been putting in big miles lately.

We met again at the local post office in Sunland and rode down into Burbank skirting the Hansen Dam Recreation area . We had made plans to meet up with a few other riders along the route. At a Starbuck on Glenoaks we met up with Josiah and a little later down the road we met up with Jamie at Magnolia & Glenoaks. We climbed up Magnolia onto Kenneth through Burbank and Glendale past the Hospital and dropped down by Descanso Gardens and into Pasadena. We made our way over to our coffee stop and turn around point  Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters on Allen.

Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters
Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters

As is my current penchant these days when somebody else is making a cuppa for me, I go with something a bit more exotic than my standard pour over. I can be a bit predictable and went with a another cappuccino and cranberry scone.

Cranberry Scone & Cappuccino
Cranberry Scone & Cappuccino

While I was standing in line for the baristas to make my beverage I asked Jamie what he went for?

Jamie's Mocha
Jamie’s Mocha

The Mocha, Espresso, chocolate sauce, and steamed milk sans whip cream. They also have a Winter White Mocha oh well next time!!

Jameson Brown Baristas's
Jameson Brown Baristas’s working it.

Not a great image of the four of us but what the heck!

Riders L to R: Jamie, Randy, Josiah & Me
Riders L to R: Jamie, Randy, Josiah & Me

There was a route change for the return trip, which I enjoyed as I’ve only ridden this way once before, it’s great to have a different route pointed out. Jamie and Josiah peeled off towards Burbank and Randy and I climbed up Verdugo by way of La Crescenta Avenue and back home. As I mentioned before I didn’t know how my body would feel but I felt fresh even after the climb up La Crescenta Ave to Foothill. But after 50 miles I still had some gas left in the tank. Maybe it was that awesome cappuccino?

I’m loving my old Trek and the Campagnolo Veloce group is rock solid. It’s gotten me thinking how much I like drops and my shifters at my fingertips. Maybe some changes coming soon??

Now that I’m in the Coffeeneuring home stretch I need to come up with a great ride number 7 to complete the challenge. Stay tuned.

Here’s Saturday’s route.

As always thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down

Stats: Make That A Double Coffeeneuring Weekend Ride #5:

  • Distance ridden: 21.6 miles.
  • Elevation  1735′
  • Temp range: Mid 70’s
  • My bike ridden: 1984 Trek 660
  • Coffee: Berolina Bakery (Jones Coffee Drip)
  • Date: Saturday November 6th

Stats: Make That A Double Coffeeneuring Weekend Ride #6:

  • Distance ridden: 50.2 miles.
  • Elevation  2884′
  • Temp range: Mid 70’s
  • My bike ridden: 1984 Trek 660
  • Coffee: Jameson Coffee Roasters, Pasadena (Cappuccino)
  • Date: Saturday November 7th
  • You can check out my other pictures not posted here on my Flickr & Instagram accounts to the side bar.

And I’d love to hear from you.

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