A Veterans Day Coffee Shop Without Walls Ride.

My original plan was to knock off my seventh and final Coffeeneuring ride using rule 19 *Veterans Day and ride to the LARCC (LA River Camp Coffee)  meet up at Sunnynook River Park which is every Wednesday.  I got up early and loaded the Trek on the car rack. Originally I intended to park my car at work (the Bunker Hill area near the 110 Fwy) and ride over, what I did instead was park right off Fletcher on Crystal Street and ride. Unfortunately the round trip was a mere 1.7 miles 3/10’s under the minimum mileage required in rule 9.


For me this was a special edition of LARCC as Russ & Laura of The Path Less Pedaled were visiting from Portland my second home. Russ grew up in Sunland/Tujunga and he & Laura were visiting Russ’s Parents. Since our schedules didn’t match up during their visit for a ride, it was good to see them at our LA bikey thing. Laura & Russ do a really great service inspiring bike travel & bike tourism as well as a whole slew of other bike related informative posts like product reviews and their own YouTube channel. Check out their site at the above link.

Russ & Laura Interviewing Errin the LARCC progenitor.
Russ & Laura Interviewing Errin the LARCC progenitor.

Above they’re interviewing the LARCC initiator Errin Vasquez.

Usually I arrive on the late side but this time I was determined to be early. When I arrived just after 7:00am this bearded nordic looking fellow Nils was all ready there setup in full camp breakfast mode! He had an old steel two burner gas coleman stove and two cast iron skillets. Apparently, the stove was his father’s and he’d transported it on his cargo bike from Pasadena. On the menu was soy chorizo, chicken sausage and home fries and he fed everyone!

Nils busy cooking.
Nils busy cooking.
Camp Kitchen
Camp Kitchen
Nils loading
Nils loading

Folks come and go as their schedules permit and others take off on rides. Me I went home and took a nap before work.

Next up a story with a strong Coffeeneuring Challenge finish, climbing, new bikey changes, off road bike to bike mishaps, stinging reprisals and making a new friend.

Strava route

Stats: Coffee Shop Without Walls Ride :

  • Distance ridden: 1.7 miles.
  • Elevation  0′
  • Temp range: Brisk but warmed up nicely
  • My bike ridden: 1984 Trek 660
  • Coffee: Jones Coffee Roasters Sumatra Mandheling pour over.
  • Date: Wednesday November 11th 2015

*Yes I’m a Veteran.

As always thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down

You can check out my other pictures not posted here on my Flickr & Instagram accounts to the side.

And I’d love to hear from you.



6 thoughts on “A Veterans Day Coffee Shop Without Walls Ride.

  1. Nils looks to be a great guy! When I was a kid, our family went camping with one of those Coleman stoves that ran on white gas. Maybe Nils wants to cater an S240?

    Congrats on “meeting the challenge”, and meeting Laura & Russ. I enjoy their writing, as I do yours.


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