A Black & Cream Fall Ride and The Healing Powers of The Bicycle.

Sam Hillborne Black & Cream
Sam Hillborne Black & Cream

I can’t speak for other bloggery folk, but when I get feedback or a reader reaches out through the digital ether, well it just plain feels good!

Recently,  David Person from here in the Los Angeles area reached out while I was fully immersed on the Coffeeneuring Challenge and expressed a desire to get in a ride with other Rivendell folks, and yeah I fall into that category as I’m pretty darn Rivy.

Even though the timing didn’t work out to get in a Coffeeneuring ride together (I still need to submit all my rides to Mary) since I completed the challenge last weekend and I didn’t have time to get the other SoCal Riv riders organised for a group ride, David and I went ahead and scheduled a ride on Friday the 20th my day off.

A bit about David, standing at 6’2″ with long legs and an easy going manner he elected to undergo back surgery after many rounds of physical therapy. After surgery and though most of his rehab he was unable to ride a bike, so saying he had time to consider his Sam Hillborne build is an understatement. It’s clear that he spent a long time choosing every part and the final build shows the thought and implementation.

Here’s a little insight, I quite honestly have a weakness for a Black & Cream paint scheme. When I was considering my A. Homer Hilsen custom paint I was a hair away from going with this scheme but Riv’s Hillborne *green with metal flake won out! No regrets. But looking at this classic beauty got me thinking maybe on another build?

For your pleasure:

Head Badge.
Head Badge.
Down Tube.
A true country bike.
Seat Tube detail.
Seat Tube detail.
Sam Tube Stat's.
Sam Tube Stat’s.
Sam Hillborne Rear.
Sam Hillborne Rear brake.
Sun xcd
Sun xcd.
Rene Herse Crank.
Rene Herse Crank.
Selle Anatomica X
Selle Anatomica X

Upon our meet up,  there was no hurry to saddle up and ride as we lingered in Sherman Grove Park getting to know each other and of course we talked bikes and then some.

Eventually, we saddled up and I led David on a mellow ride over to my usual haunt “Hansen Dam” and back to our local Starbucks, cause what’s a ride without a coffee break.

We had good conversation and David mentioned some of his favorite bloggers, Pondero, Urban Adventure league and** Let’s go ride a bike as inspiration for him to one day get back in the saddle. To not be able to ride a bike!!  Well I’ve had instances where I couldn’t ride but post major back surgery is remarkable.

David and his Hillborne.
David and his Hillborne.

On the first two bloggers,  I’ve followed both regularly and have enjoyed Pondero Aka Chris’ Sanger Texas prairie “leisure consultant” humble vibe. His reveal of his Ocean Air Cycles build and initial ride report was straightforward as he distilled his experience on low trail geometry ride characteristics, very illuminating.

Always a good read is Shawn Granton of Urban Adventure League,  his exploits riding and camping in the the Pacific Northwest are always a joy as I have always had a fondness for the region. Noteworthy are Shawn’s method’s of bike tour/camping & gear reviews and his living carless. His recent feedback on his Bantam Bicycle Works custom built Rambleneur and reason’s for a custom build are informative as I’ve considered a custom bicycle for some time.

For me both are an inspiration and genuine.

It’s good to know that as a writer/blogger we reach others and make a difference. David’s experience and recovery are an inspiration and the Hillborne build a beautiful example of functional art and proof  that the bicycle has healing and connective powers. Ride on!!

As always thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down

And I’d love to hear from you.


*My favorite color.

**A blogger I need to add to the list no doubt.

13 thoughts on “A Black & Cream Fall Ride and The Healing Powers of The Bicycle.

  1. Black and white has been one of my favorites for a while as well. Loved the ’94 B-stone MB1 (more of a dark pewter) as well as Jim Thill’s Atlantis. David’s Sam Hill is right up there with those!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The cream head tube plus seat tube decal really give this bike an elegant look. I trust David has figured out that he’s fallen in with a bunch of bike geeks. Hopefully we can meet him soon & share stories.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a delightfully artistic Hillborne! Thanks for the detailed photos, and more importantly David’s story. He certainly appears to have a special level of contentment showing after going through such a tough time. Here’s hoping his surgery was effective and we see much more of him in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well, thanks! (blushes)

    Let’s Go Ride A Bike is great, but they haven’t updated since March. I’m worried that the blog is defunct, which would be a shame. I met Dottie of LGRAB once, the last time I was in Chicago (Oct 2011).

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  5. Always inspirational to read of another who has used a bike as their objective while navigating dark times. The things in life to complain about could be endless, everyone has their own experiences to fuel such. To consider the positive and realize something good is so much better a use of the energy. Thanks, Hugh

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  6. David’s black and cream is about as good as it gets. Oh, I’ll live happily with my blue and cream, but, if ever I had the chance. Now if my Sam could talk, what stories would it tell.

    How characteristic of the convivial Hugh and our new acolyte David to have such a meet up. Wish we had them down here in SD.

    Blessings, gentlemen, and gentle women.


    Liked by 1 person

  7. beautiful bike and images, always sunny in socal. i like to visit the southern end of our state 🙂
    found you via adventurepdx, cheers and looking forward to read your adventures, have added it to my feedly list, cheers


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