I was lucky, but still…

Even though the bicycle has it’s healing properties, still we are essentially naked out there. And we must be vigilant at all times. My hope for Jan is a speedy recovery with no long term lasting effects from the injuries he sustained.

Off The Beaten Path


My trip to Asia reached a premature end. During the descent from Hehuanshan Pass, the highest road in southeast Asia, a car going in the opposite direction suddenly turned left right in front of me. Even though I was going slowly, I could not avoid it. I hit the car’s side head-first…

I was very lucky to escape without life-changing injuries, but the impact was hard enough to break my shoulder, my arm, one or two vertebrae and a few ribs. Stefan, our German engineer in Taiwan, accompanied me to the hospital, first in Puli and then in Taichung. Care in Taiwan seemed overwhelmed by these complex injuries, and I was lucky that my friend Natsuko immediately came from Tokyo and got me on a plane to Seattle. The 20-hour trip was a bit of an ordeal, and we were so happy when we saw Hahn at the Seattle airport. He already had…

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2 thoughts on “I was lucky, but still…

  1. Jan says “Even though I was going slowly,…” is a reminder how easily we can be injured. It doesn’t take much force to break bones & cause serious injury. I wish him all the best for a speedy & complete recovery.


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