Land of Q. agrifolia s24o

Oak wonderland.
Oak wonderland.

Sometimes urban sprawl can give way to nature and you can skirt suburbia and reside in the land of Quercus agrifolia or the California live oak, they stretch from my home county Mendocino to Northern Baja and under their majestic limbs are networks of double & single track in the OC.

SCAR (SoCal All Rounders) is a group dispersed throughout Southern California and as such there were three different groups all arriving at different times. My Brother Bruce, friend Chris and I decided to be the early group. The night before I gotta say I was feeling exhausted and could just as easily stayed home but since there were plans and dirt trails I woke up early high tailing it for the Metrolink train before the sun was up. Once I started pedaling I was glad to be on the move. My brother and friend Chris were traveling up from San Diego where we met at the Irvine Metro Station.

On this route:

A while ago SCAR members Noel & Doug who live in the Irvine/ Trabuco Canyon area scouted  trails linking trails and open space amongst urban sprawl. Halfway between is the O’Neill Regional Park Campground for easy camping and a cantina close by.

Since we had all day to make it to the campground we decided to meet Doug at a local breakfast joint. Eggs, bacon and copious amounts of coffee were consumed along with bike talk and a great visit with *Doug. At some point it was pointed out that my tubus lowrider rack was loose! Happens it was missing a nut! So a quick visit to a LBS set thing right and off we rolled.

From the Irvine Metro Station we rode surface streets for a short distance and hopped on the Serrano Creek trail which winds its way through Lake Forest under Hwy 241 and into the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park and finally dropping into the backside of O’Neill Regional Park. There was some backtracking and well honestly getting lost at times but that was all part of the fun.

Barbed Wire, Dirt & Sky
Barbed Wire, Dirt & Sky

As we were setting up camp the second group arrived and we promptly broke out the refreshments and made our way to Rose’s Cantina for a great group dinner where we met Curtis’s contingent.


The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn brewing coffee and then riding to breakfast at Latte Da Bagelry for more comradery.

The crew
The crew

The second half of the dirt riding was a great day as we rolled toward San Juan Capistrano via Live Oak Canyon Trail and Trabuco Creek where we caught our trains home.

Here’s the route

*Doug had Physical Therapy for a sciatica issue so was not participating in the bike activities.

As always thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down

And I’d love to hear from you.



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