Great write up on a bike dear to my heart. Brian is a great guy and friend.

Cycle Seattle

My first real thoughtful bike purchase was the Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen.  Color – metallic copper – one of the web frame specials in 2009 shortly after I moved back to Seattle from a brief 18-month foray to my childhood home of Minnesota.  I had been commuting on a ’96 Kona AA that I was pretty much done with.  The aluminum frame never felt right – too stiff. I was ready for a real road bike after spending much of the prior 20 years on a mountain bike.

Hilsen-12nd Build – still a favorite

I did a lot of research, but after I found the Rivendell site, started reading Sheldon Brown and Grant Petersen’s opinions, and did some test rides on a local friend’s vast collection of Riv bikes, I was smitten.  I recall going to the Seattle Bike Show in 2008 and walking around forlorn, seeing nothing attractive.  At…

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