Way back at the beginning of October in ’15 i was just embarking on the Coffeeneuring Challenge. My first let’s call it control was up the canyon behind my little mountain community. You can read about it in Coffee With the Ants i happened to meet Elliot coming down off a scree slope with his dogs. We chatted while i brewed up my coffee and i discovered an interesting fellow who runs a farm called Cottonwood Urban Farm in Panorama City. At the time i didn’t get a picture with him sometimes i just get distracted.

We became FB friends and have stayed in touch. Recently, i reached out and we planned a short ride and he requested we do coffee outside, twist my arm!  Elliott has all the making of a coffeneur and it happens he’s interested in the challenge this year. Ha, ha recruited my first!

Yet another great  reason to coffeeneur you meet wonderful folks.

Basically, be happy
Basically just be happy. Jai Guru!

Thanks for reading and as always keep the rubber side down.

Tail Winds,


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