My friend Tim wanted some dirt riding to try out his new gravel grinder, how could i refuse?

Since I’d ridden Hansen Dam the day before with Elliot i decided the climb to the top of the Verdugo’s would be a good ride because of the payoff,  360º views and the down hill down Beaudry North Motor Way is a blast. We started kinda late because that’s how i tend to roll. There was still some foggy remanent in the air and i knew that we wouldn’t get the long view to the west and pacific beyond but the San Gabriels were basking in the winter sun with a mix of high clouds and fog caressing their lower reaches.

A. Homer Hilsen Views
A. Homer Hilsen Views

The trails were initially crowded with hikers but the higher we climbed the crowds thinned. We took rest breaks and marveled at the different views. Up top we met Alex of Silverlake an Englishman living abroad in Los Angeles. He was riding his Niner Mountain bike a worthy steed. In our chat he mentioned how enamored he was of Southern California. As he put it you just can’t do this living in London as he swept his arms around to indicate the vast outdoors and it’s proximity to the sprawl.  Alex moved to Los Angeles for love the love of a woman and now his wife, wise move Alex!


We had a spirited descent of pure joy! The air temperature was so ideal I ditched the windbreaker it was so balmy. We emerged from the fire road by the Oakmont Country Club and made our way up into Montrose and Berolina Bakery where we ate lunch and had Jones Coffee Roasters coffee. A funny side note, Tim’s on a cleanse or detox from sugar and wheat and well I’m not! I asked Tim to pick me up four peanut butter cookies and the friendly lady behind the counter overheard our conversation…she filled a bag stuffed with cookies? Apparently, they’re closed Sunday and they need to get rid of their stock. Tim, “you know I’m on a cleanse and you’re ordering my all time favorite cookie”, he exclaimed. All in good humor he said i was a so & so 🙂 Sorry Tim! I’m not on a cleanse.


Tim’s conclusion:

What i heard a lot from Tim was how much he was having a child moment discovering something new and wonderful, it seems off road riding is in his future. Beyond Tim’s joy of off road riding he also discovered some mechanical disadvantages with respect to his rig. Namely, tires and braking…since he’s a Mechanical Engineer he’s going back to the drawing table. All in all a great ride with a good friend and another mix terrain convert. Look out roadies!

Strava route

Thanks for reading and as always keep the rubber side down.

Tail Winds,



4 thoughts on “Climb-y Ride with a view.

  1. Tim’s tires do look a bit narrow, especially for dirt. But it sounds like he’s hooked on this type of adventure. Homer’s looking more mountainy all the time, with just the front bag & tool roll. Hope to join you on one of these.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I personally think his bike has certain limitations. It has a carbon fork that limits his handle bar height. And I feel like it’s too small but that’s me. He certainly had a blast. I need to put this ride up on the group.


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