The problem might not seem obvious beyond the drought issue. Folks from all over see the Rose Bowl Parade and turn to their spouse and under frosty breath exclaim some determination to move to a warmer clime.

Okay so what’s the problem with all this sunshine? Well there’s no reason not to get outside, sometimes to the detriment of other responsibilities, bike builds, home repairs the list goes on.

They say we’re in an El Nino year, but other than the last big down pour two weeks ago squat!

What’s a cyclist to do! Ride son, ride!

Next up a ride or is that a hike?

Thanks for reading and as always keep the rubber side down.

Tail Winds,


5 thoughts on “The problem with too many sunny days.

  1. Hi Hugh,
    I’m new to your blog, here, but have been enjoying your Instagramming for a while. We’ve had a day of freezing drizzle here, in Southwest Missouri, today. So, no bike riding this week. So…please take a ride for us; by proxy! LOL. Enjoying your stories. Doc.

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  2. Oh, I’m count’n down the days ’til we get back to some pretty weather here in S.W. Mo. It’s more a figure of speech than anything because our weather here is so changeable. We don’t seem to have “normal” winters here. We may just as easily have ice as snow. But when Spring weather arrives, it can be glorious!


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