Let me forewarn you I snapped a bunch of images and I feel lazy so didn’t do a ton of culling.

My friend Elliot has the Cottonwood Urban Farm smack in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. I’ve been meaning to check out hs operation and this weekend lined up perfectly. Perfectly timing wise and the weather was fantastic with two days of rain and wonderful cloud cover, this was an ideal day to ride a bike.

My buddy John and I did a mostly pavement urban ride to the farm to make some time. Our route took us through a fairly dense industrial zone and I wish I’d made time to capture some of the interesting businesses I saw, next time I will. We made it to the farm about an hour after the get-together started, friends of the farm helping out along with outreach from the Los Angeles 6th district council woman Nury Martinez’s office.

Check out Elliott’s mission statement or about on his web page I linked above. This is really good work this guy is doing. I hope to see more of this in Los Angeles into the future. Things are changing for the better here in the Metropolis.

Cottonwood -2
Cottonwood Urban Farm
Cottonwood -5
Enter a caption
Cottonwood -7
Enter a caption


Cottonwood -6
Cottonwood Urban Farm
Cottonwood -9
Cottonwood -10

Cottonwood -11

Cottonwood -12
Native Plants

Cottonwood -13

Cottonwood -14
Chatting it up
Cottonwood -15
Elliott center keeping things rolling.
Cottonwood -16
Original Farm house.
Cottonwood -17
Green house

Cottonwood -18

Cottonwood -20
Reedley Street
Cottonwood -21
Inside the greenhouse.

Cottonwood -22

Cottonwood -26

Cottonwood -27

Cottonwood -28
Cottonwood -29
Pulling suckers. The shoots that take nutrients from the main part of the plant.

Cottonwood -30

Cottonwood -31

Cottonwood -32

Cottonwood -33

Cottonwood -34

It was great to see what Elliott has created in a largely urban environment.  Keep in mind that the farm is located in the Tunjuga basin where silt has been deposited over millennia from the San Gabriel’s and this whole area in the early days of Los Angeles was all farm land. It’s great to see nature reclaimed from the urban sprawl.

Afterwards John and I rode through neighborhoods up to the Hansen Dam Golf course, we rode the dirt service road around the perimeter of the golf course then climbed up and over the dam and behind. We crossed a stream and found new trail,  the majority of which are horse trails.  We traveled through the Little Tujunga wash and the Big Tujunga wash back into Sunland, the gateway into the San Gabriel’s. All in all one of the best local rides I’ve done and so much territory uncovered.

Cottonwood -35
Beware! Another old house when this area was farm land.
Cottonwood -37
Cottonwood -38
Cottonwood -39
New Dirt.
Cottonwood -40
Stream Crossing and a new friend.
Cottonwood -41
Little Tujunga Wash and the 210 fwy
Cottonwood -42
More new dirt

Cottonwood -43

Cottonwood -44

Cottonwood -45

Cottonwood -46
Lived out here for the last 20 years.
Cottonwood -47
Hard existence.
Cottonwood -48
Under the 210 fwy in the Big Tujunga wash
Cottonwood -49
Urban Art.
Cottonwood -50
Soaking in how great a ride this was.
Cottonwood -51
End of the ride.


Just for continuity sake the SCAR group did do a bike overnight s24o but I’ve been busy and not really in the mood to do a write up. I’d like to do a follow up soon of Sean the really cool fellow who bought my 2003 Rivendell Atlantis. I’d also like to do a post on the changes I did to the Salsa Ala Carte.

Next up if all goes well a bike overnight to the top of Mount Pacifico and down the old Mount Lowe railroad grade. I think I finally dialed in the old 1995 Salsa Ala Carte so looking forward to some adventure with this old friend.

As always thanks for reading and in this case viewing and keep the rubber side down.


4 thoughts on “Cottonwood Urban Farm MTB Ramble

    1. Thanks Doug. Yeah if you notice the map and data not a lot of climbing but definitely some hike a bike along the horse trails. Wider tires are recommended so a MTB is perfect. So even though it was 24 miles I only averaged 8.5 MPH. I think the guy’s would like this one.


    2. Hi Doug, Yes this could be done again! Even though it was 24 miles the dirt sections slow you down but it’s so beautiful it doesn’t matter. This would be a great day ride. Yeah the Salsa came out really well. I’m really happy with how it turned out.


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