An Abundance of sunshine,

A tincture of rain,

Rare Atmosphere fine,

Make life thrill again.

~Augustin S. MacDonald



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hugh, I did your blog. A question is you don’t mind…I’m a Rivendellian who has been riding Speedplay Frog Pedals for 20 years. I’ve been trying out different flat pedals on my Riv (’09 Hillborne) but so far I’m not infatuated with any one flat pedal.

    Question is, what is your favored flat pedal, and why?



    1. Hi John,

      I use the MKS grip kings. I finally installed some spikes because even though they’re named grip kings I found they became slippery especially when wet. Others, I’ve spoken with really like the Thin Gripsters which already have spikes installed. The Gripsters can be found on Rivendell’s site but are more expensive than the GK’s.I like the GK’s because of their shape which seems to fit the shape of my foot well. Lastly, lately I’ve been riding with my SPD clip less pedals. I suggest you go with what feels good. I find comfort is subjective and you just need to try different pedals out. Kinda noway around buying multiple pedals…just sell what you don’t like on the RBW OWNERS BUNCH group.

      Thanks for the question.



  2. Hi Hugh, I love the color of your green Atlantis. I am ordering an Atlantis and would like to paint it the same color if you don’t mind. Is it Imron Green 29609? Thanks Greyson

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